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Moon Bunny Compression Socks

Moon Bunny Compression Socks

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  • 65% nylon, 30% polyester, 5% spandex
  • 20 - 30 mmHg
  • Calf Length
  • 1 pair of compression socks
  • Available in sizes (S/M), (L/XL) or (XXL)
  • Size chart available in pictures

Processing time is between 2-3 weeks!

Color of actual product may vary. Thank you for your patience and for supporting me! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Phineas Armastus
Adorable and work well

They kept my (anemic) wife warm during a recent hospital stay.

Aww I'm so glad they helped! I hope she feels better soon.

Best socks ever

Literally the best socks ive ever worn

So glad!

My boyfriend loves them :)

I got them for my boyfriend for Valentines Day because he was wanting to try compressions because of circulation issues that make his feet cold often! He also like cute things and good fashion so i thought Bibipins would be great for him to try out! He loves them!! He said the socks helped him actually keep the feeling of his feet as opposed to his feet going numb because of how cold they get. wahoo!! :)

So happy that he likes it!

Pat Olver
My second favourite socks

These arrived at the same time as my new Galaxy pattern socks so they are only my second favourites! They are a nice light lavender colour, a good fit coming right up on to my knee. The compression level of these socks is high but they are still very comfortable, Overall I am very happy with them.

Glad you like them!!

Kim Nyenhuis

They fit perfect and are super cute and comfortable!