Pin Grading

Pin Grading System
Pin grading is a way to categorize pins based on their quality. Pins are handmade meaning they can't be 100% accurate. There's 3 categories:
Grade A pins (Standard):
It’s the best quality pins of the bunch, some may have minor defects only visible during a thorough examination, but they look really nice. 
  • Minor imperfections
  • Slight color overflow

Grade B pins:
They are close to Grade B pins, but they have noticeable flaws.
  • Minor air bubbles, scratches, dents
  • Small color overflow
  • Negligible glitter’s missing areas
  • Noticeable underfilled areas (color or polish)
Grade C pins:
These pins are the most flawed. These are the mains flaws:
  • Unfilled areas (color)
  • Air bubbles
  • Important scratches, spots
  • Lack of polish
  • Wrong color