Pre-Order Updates

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⭐Compression Socks Pre-Orders

Current status: Pre-order period from January 12th till February 29th 2024. ESTIMATED ARRIVAL TO CUSTOMERS: LATE JUNE - EARLY JULY 2024.

January 12, 2024:
The pre-order period starts today at 3PM MST! Ends on February 29th at 11:59PM MST.


  • January 12: Pre-order Launches!
  • February 29: Pre-order Ends!
  • Early March: Production begins!
  • Mid April:  Production completes and compression socks are shipped to me by sea! If any delays occurs, I'll send an email.
  • Mid June: Compression Socks arrives to me! And I begin shipping them out!
  • Canadians & US customers: Package will arrive in 3-8 business days.
  • International customers: Package will take anywhere between 3-8 weeks for delivery.