****Commissions are OPEN****

I am open to do commissions on horns (resin & 3D printed). And any jewelry or tray I sell. For jewelry, I can do modifications, do specific colors or glitter or etc. Can have it be clip-ons and mix and match current designs however you want.

For trays, I can include an image under the resin. As well, I can let you choose the tray color from the available colors that I have (pink, lavender, black, white, lime green, gold, white) and any combinations of glitter you want.

I also accept 3D printing jobs, I charge 2$/hour for the print job + material cost + shipping + taxes.

Please send your ideas to or contact me on Twitter at @bibipins to discuss further. I’ll let you know if I am able to do it and give you a quote. Thanks for interest!