Care Instructions

⭐ Compression items

  • Recommended Hand Wash and Air Dry for longevity.
  • If you're going to machine wash: Machine wash cold or warm.
  • If you're going to use a dryer: Tumble dry low.



  • Safe to wash and dry like regular clothes.


⭐ Binders

To preserve your binder, we recommend hand washing and

air drying.


  • BY HAND: Please use warm or cold water to wash your binder.
  • MACHINE: Please use the "delicate" setting.


  • AIR DRY: You can hang up or lay out your binder overnight, it should be ready to use by morning.
  • MACHINE DRY: You may decide to machine dry your binder on occasion for 5-10 minutes to tighten it. Use a delicates bag in the washer/dryer to ensure your binder doesn't get damaged.

For additional questions, please email