⭐ Why does my sliding pins cost so much?

The sliding pins costs what they do because they're hard enamel metal pins, double pin back, 2.5 inches wide, they have a cutout, a second pin with a sliding mechanism and have printed details on both the main pin and the sliding mechanism pin. They're very high quality pin on pins. You can look up the price of pin on pins. My prices are on the lower end.

They're also ethically made, if I were to get them made any cheaper, it would affect the quality of the pins and the workers wouldn't be paid as well. It would go against my values.

The pins costs at least 10$ USD to make. So no, I won't EVER be selling them for 10$ USD.


⭐ Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally except for select countries. We are currently not able to ship to:

  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Costa Rica

If you reside in a country listed above, we suggest you use an online shopping proxy service, or have your order shipped to a friend/family in another country.

As well, I am also restricted on which countries I can ship depending on my shipping company. I primarily use Canada Post. But if you're not able to check out on my website and you aren't in one of the excluded countries. I may just have to manually add your country into my store's settings and use my second shipping method. In this case, contact me at info@bibipins.com.

⭐ Do you do custom pins?

Yes, I offer custom pins at a starting price of 400$ USD + shipping. The mold alone to create a pin starts at around 200$ USD depending on the pin size. Plus, there's a minimum purchase of 50 pins. Then there's the international express shipping cost to me.

Custom items comes at custom prices.

⭐ Do you do commissions?

 Yes! More details can be found here: https://bibipins.com/pages/commissions