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Sliding Pronoun Scale Pin V2

Sliding Pronoun Scale Pin V2

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  • Star piece is movable!
  • 2.5 in
  • Hard Enamel
  • Gold
  • 2 backings

My processing times are 2-3 weeks.

The sliding pins do slide very easily. You can use a string or elastic on the back of the slider to adjust the tightness. Otherwise you'll need to pin the sliding pin onto a thick fabric. So it won't slide around easily. It's a metal pin ultimately. If I redesigned these, the price would go way up. So this design is the best way to present my idea while making it affordable.

The sliding pins costs what they do because they're hard enamel metal pins, double pin back, 2.5 inches wide, they have a cutout, a second pin with a sliding mechanism and have printed details on both the main pin and the sliding mechanism pin. They're very high quality pin on pins. You can look up the price of pin on pins. My prices are on the lower end.

They're also ethically made, if I were to get them made any cheaper, it would affect the quality of the pins and the workers wouldn't be paid as well. It would go against my values.

Color of actual product may vary. Thank you for your patience and for supporting me!

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Customer Reviews

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So cute!

I love this pin, It's really cute and goes nice on my jacket :)



I like it a lot. I would like it if the pin slider was curvy or something tho. Sometimes the slider falls left and right due to gravity.

I don't know what you mean by curvy. My sliding pins were designed to slide easily for accessibily reasons. You're able to tighten the slider on the back using a string, elastic, etc if they slide too much

Alban Lleixa

I identified as agender back when I got this pin, now I'm officially transmasc and I felt bad for leaving the star permanently on he/they lmao, so I ended up giving this pin to my friend who's currently figuring things out. She loves it as much as I do! The only downside (ish) is that the gold paint around the sliding part can chip a bit after use, but you can still slide the star around smoothly. Still would buy again, 10/10.

Thanks! That was nice of you to pass the pin off to a friend.

fancy and neat

I really loved this pin, as a she/they who is sliding into "they/them" territory. It's so nice to slide and choose.

I'm so glad it helps!

Excellent product

I received my sliding pin a while ago and it works as intended. It’s very high quality and beautiful. Also very helpful for me as I am figuring out pronouns.

Thank you!