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Sliding Pronoun Scale Pin

Sliding Pronoun Scale Pin

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  • Star piece is movable!
  • 2.5 in
  • Hard Enamel
  • Gold
  • 2 backings

My processing times are 2-3 weeks.

The sliding pins costs what they do because they're hard enamel metal pins, double pin back, 2.5 inches wide, they have a cutout, a second pin with a sliding mechanism and have printed details on both the main pin and the sliding mechanism pin. They're very high quality pin on pins. You can look up the price of pin on pins. My prices are on the lower end.

They're also ethically made, if I were to get them made any cheaper, it would affect the quality of the pins and the workers wouldn't be paid as well. It would go against my values.

The pins costs at least 10$ USD to make. So no, I won't be EVER selling them for 10$ USD.

Color of actual product may vary. Thank you for your patience and for supporting me!

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Customer Reviews

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Makes a great gift for the right person!

I got this pronoun slider pin as a gift for a friend, and they absolutely loved it. Much happy exclaiming and big smiles. They put it on right away. Thanks for making the perfect thing for my friend.

I'm so glad! Thanks!


This item was for my partner and they love it so much. They use it daily to let everyone know how they’re feeling each day.