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Galaxy Top Binder

Galaxy Top Binder

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  • 100% Polyester
  • Available in size S to 6XL
  • Size chart available in pictures
  • Do not wear a bra or any other compression items

  • Get a flexible measuring tape to measure yourself

Chest size:

  • Measure the largest part of the chest: Take this measurement around the chest and torso where the most breast tissue is.
  • Each chest measurement should be taken all the way around your torso
  •  The measuring tape should not compress your chest tissue but should touch your body
  • If the measuring tape is not touching your body, it’s too loose.

Shoulder width: 

  • Place the measuring tape at the point of one of your shoulders.
  • Then stretch the tape to the point of your other shoulder.
  • Don't wrap the measuring tape all the way around your shoulders for this measurement.

Compare your chest size measurement and your shoulder width measurement to the sizing chart. If your chest and shoulder measurements do not align with the same size, choose the larger size.

  • Tank: This style works well for people who are in between sizes.
  • Half: Regardless of your body shape, the half binder tends to work best for people who have a small amount of breast tissue. Additionally, if you live in a warm climate a half binder may be a comfortable style.

Color of actual product may vary. Thank you for your patience and for supporting me! 


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Customer Reviews

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If youre a fat person with a big chest looking for a binder this is FOR YOU!!!!

I am a fat transmasc man with DDD 45 boobs who has been looking for a new binder for nearly 4 years. I have been wearing my 4 year old gc2b tank and hearing their quality has decreased I didnt want to buy another from them. I have been saving up to get a bibipins binder as from a friend of a friend I heard the binders are amazing for fat people with fat boobs. I was very hesitant at first considering I havent had too much money, but i was sso exhausted with my current binder I wanted to give it a try.

First things first for the first time i measured myself. I had my transmasc boyfriend help me measure and it was a great experience-- Very queer and romantic situation. My measurements fit the 6XL size. At first I was thinking it would be too big but i trusted the measurements and went with the 6XL binder and paid for the fastest shipping. Shipping was really smooth I got it in about a week or less from ordering.

The binder came in a nice little bag package along with slips for bibipins and an informational on how to properly take care of you binder! There was also a slip regarding binder health and to take breaks between wears and to not sleep in your binder. This personally isnt my first rodeo but it made me smile how much care bibipins has for its users. AND if it were my first binder it was amazing information!!

When i put the binder on it fit perfectly! not too tight or too loose. i got my chest in position and admired myself in the mirror for awhile, repositioning properly and etc. first immediate thing i noticed is the SUPPORT i get from this binder. From other binders i dont really get support for my large chest so usually my boobs droop down- especially after a long amount of wear. But this binder keeps my chest in place especially after wear- which i will talk about later. the side boobs are properly kept in place too and the flattening is decent. it flattens my chest enough to where i dont get dysphoria and my boob placement feels natural. the tank part also isnt too big or too small and the texture of the fabric isnt bad at all in fact i like it!

Now heres the part where i get to wearing it. When i got this binder i was about to work my fulltime job for the week so i thought on my day off (today) i will write a review for how it fared during my wage slave activities. For context I work a very active job at a garden/pet store where I lift dogfood like all the time as well as lifting things above my head, on my feet 8 hours a day, and some warehouse stuff.

This binder is probably the best binder I have ever had the pleasure of working with, not even joking. First things first when i raise my arms up or stretch my arm outwards to reach products on tall shelves the side boob does not slip out the binder and my chest does not get too... jumbled in the binder. like when i put my arms down my chest feels the same and doesnt really need to be repositioned, the binder neither. once again the support on this binder is my absolute favorite thing. my chest is intact and it does not jiggle or move too much. when i do a light jog or fast walk my chest mostly stays in place. with my other binders itd jiggle and kinda swing my chest a slight bit which made me feel insanely dysphoric and uncomfortable. I have not experienced that with this binder. i worked 5 days 8 hours each day this week and every night i would wash my binder and dry it because im on T and sweat like a mf. It retained its compactness and support throughout my shifts and only during one shift i really had to reposition at the end of my shift because i was way more active that day than usual. on the last shift i didnt wash my binder the night before because i will not lie i was so exhausted i wanted to sleep rather than do anything else. i was surprised to put on the binder in the morning and feel it still has the same support and compactness it has when its washed and dried. it lasted me through my shift and was so wonderful. i plan on getting another binder so i can interchange between two binders during the weeks.

I also like how when i sit down my chest doesnt jut outward! It feels normal. and its not super tight at all i dont feel constricted, im not out of breath, and my ribs do not hurt.

My only con is that I would love if it eventually came in skin tone colors or in other patterns!!

I am so happy to support a black, disabled, and queer business!!

Measured myself correctly and got the 6XL
Tank fit properly as did the binding part of the binder
Survived a 40 hour work week at a warehouse/retail job
Awesome for fat people with huge tits
Awesome shipping
AMAZING support for your chest
Wish it came in skintones/more patterns
Happy to support a black, queer, and disabled owne business!

Thank you for the detailed review! So glad you like it. I'm hoping to expand my binders sometime late this year or next year.