Air purifier build using PC fans

My custom air purifier that lights up

What you'll need:

Cooler master of fans lights up
2 x Cooler Master SickleFlow 120 Addressable RGB 3 in 1 Square Frame Fan, Individually Customizable LEDS, Air Balance Curve Blade Design, Sealed Bearing, PWM Control for Computer Case & Liquid Radiator. Around 40$ CAD each on sale. So 80$ CAD in total.
Noise level: 27 dB
Airflow: 62 CFM
SATA to USB adapter
SATA to USB Power Cable Adapter USB 5V Male To 15Pin SATA Female Port Power Supply. Around 4$ CAD
SATA splitter adapter
15Pin SATA Male To 2 Female 15Pin Power HDD Splitter High Quality Y 1 To 2 Extension Cable 20CM. Around 2$ CAD.
Power adapter for fans
JXSZ DC5.5x2.1mm to 2x3Pin/4Pin Fan Y Splitter External Power Cable. Around 10$ CAD.
Fan grills
2 x Honbay 4PCS 120mm Computer Case Fan Grills Fan Guard Protector with Screws (Black). Around 13$ CAD each. So around 26$ CAD in total. You'll only need to use 6 of them.
Power adapter
Power Adapter,12v Power Supply 2A AC DC Adapter,Switching Power Supply 12VDC Led Power Supply LED Driver for LED Strip Light 24W Max US Plug, UL Listed AC 100-240V to DC 12V Power Adapter Transformer. Around 18$ CAD. You won't need the end part that connects to the barrel plug.
Filtrete filter Merv 13
Filtrete 20x25x1 Furnace Filter, MPR 1900, MERV 13, Healthy Living Ultimate Allergen 3-Month Pleated 1-Inch Air Filters, 6 Filters. About 23$ CAD each. So the total came to around 140$ CAD on sale. You'll only be using 2 for this build. I just bought extra because it's cheaper to buy a pack.
2 foam boards from Dollarama to make the base pieces. They were around 2$ CAD each. So a total of around 4$ CAD. You can find them in craft and dollar stores for cheap.
2 Duct tape from Dollarama. They were around 1.25$ CAD each. So the total is around 2.50$ CAD.
A utility knife or something similar to cut the foam with. I already had one.
Total cost: 286.50$ CAD with 4 extra filters (worth 92$+ CAD)


  1. You'll want to make sure the fans work. Take one pack of fans out of the box.
  2. Daisy chains the 3 of the fans together. Then plug them into one part of the fan splitter. Then plug the fan splitter to the power adapter. And then plug that into the wall. The fans should start working and spinning.
  3. Take out the second set of fans and follow step 2 to make sure it also works.
  4. Next you'll want to check whether the lights work for all the fans. Note that they need a seperate power source than the fans.
  5. So you'll want to daisy chain the 3 light cables attached to the fans together. Then you'll connect it to the controller that it came with. You'll connect the SATA end of the controller to one part of the SATA splitter. Then you connect the SATA splitter to the SATA to USB adapter. Then you plug that in. The controller that came with the fans should light up and you should be able to select the lighting mode.
  6. Repeat step 5 for the second set of fans/lights.
  7. Now that we know that the fans and lights are working and connected. We should build the parts needed to mount the fans. The air filter that I'm using is 20" x 25" x 1".
  8. I cut the foam boards into 2 pieces that are 10.2" wide and 20.2" long. One of the pieces will be used to mount 3 fans.
  9. I cut the foam boards into 2 pieces that are 10.2" wide and 25.2" long. One of the pieces will be used to mount 3 fans.
  10. You'll want to first draw 3 circles on each of the 2 foam boards that you'll be using. You'll be cutting the circle using a tool. I used a utility knife. You'll want it to fit whatever fans you decide to use. In this case I needed it to be 120mm x 120mm.
  11. Once the fan holes have been cut, I used the fan grills attachment holes to make 4 very small holes. These holes will be used so the screws can go from the fan grill, through the foam board to the fan.
  12. I then put the fan on the inside part of the foam board and the fan grills on the other side. And used screws to attach them together between the foam board.
  13. Repeat steps 11-12 for each fan. Make sure to space them apart.
  14. Now you can tape the foam boards around the filters to build the box. Make sure that you remember to allow the power cables and controllers to be outside of the box.
  15. Now you can plug it all in and enjoy!