Holiday Break (2022)!

December 5th, 2022:

I just want to ensure to people that any order made before December 15th at 12pm (MST) that has items in stock won't be affected by my holiday break! So please plan accordingly! I plan to do my FINAL shipment of orders for the year on December 16th! Then I will be back to working on orders on Jan 6th, 2023. And my processing time will be back to 2 - 3 weeks. 

For example, if you order on Dec 18th, 2022 which is during my break. Your order won't be shipped till at least mid January. Thank you for understanding! I desperately need this break for my health and to catch up on other things.


November 23, 2022:

I will be taking a much needed break from December 16, 2022 until January 2, 2023! I won't be shipping out orders during this time. But my store will still be open and active.

I will be using this time to rest, take care of my health, inspect the binders which I will have received by then and prepare them to be shipped. It will also allow me to do inventory and better organize my stock.

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